Eyelash Extentions

Eyelash Extensions Full Seam

Duration: 80 min

Price: £59.00

Why not try getting a full set of our individual lashes we apply the lashes using our one to one lash technique. These natural looking lashes do not damage your own lashes.Lashes can be applied to this with very short lashes or those who have long natural eyelashes. We will discuss with you on a length that will suit you and what type of look you desire. you will need to avoid all oil based products on the lashes and around the eyes. Lashes should be kept dry for 24/48hrs after having your lashes done, the use of mascara is strongly avoided while having any eyelash extensions on this can damage the false lashe causing them not to last as long. PLEASE COME EYE MAKE UP FREE.This will delay your treatment time. Failure to clean your lashes and use the correct lash conditioner can effect the way the lashes stay [pauline (lash expert) - 1hr 20min] [natasha - 2hrs]

Eyelash Extensions 2 Week Infill

Duration: 40 min

Price: £29.00

This is a 2 week top up of a full seam of existing eyelashes, we will replace any lashes that may have fallen out so you are back to having a full set again. This can only be done if you have less than 50% off lashes remaining if you have lost to many lashes this will be charged as a 3 week infill or a full set if you have lost a lot of lashes you can also use this to get even more lashes put in if you would like a more full dramatic look. unfortunately we can not infill eyelash extensions that were not applied by our salon.

Eyelash Extensions 3 Week Infill

Duration: 50 min

Price: £37.00

upto 3 Week top up on your existing eyelash extensions will keep your lashes looking fuller for longer, you must still have existing lashes still on. this treatment includes topping up on any lashes that may have fallen out upto 3 weeks only!! Please be aware if it has been longer than 3 weeks we need to charge this as a full Set of lashes, unfortunately we can not infill eyelash extensions that were not applied by salon.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Duration: 30 min

Price: £12.00

Removal of the lashes is a quick painless process where the we apply the removal gel and allow it to dissolve the glue letting the extended lashes slide off.

Eyelash Patch Test

Duration: 20 min

Price: £NaN

This is an appointment for a patch test to any of our products, including tint and lvl please tell us when you arrive to the salon what product you would like to test, patch test must be done 24hrs before any treatments that include a tint