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Our story,

Pauline Murage and Zuri.

Pauline has always had a passion for beauty and exceeding client expectations, however the route to opening the doors at Zuri was not straight forward.

Her beauty journey started in Kenya, where local interest with global treatment trends meant there was a growing demand for beauty. In Kenya relationships and client reputation are key to any business, customers have high expectations and competition is fierce.

Later after moving to the Caribbean, Pauline delivered treatments to prominent figures within the island community and established strong client support through excellence of service.

After again relocating, this time to the UK Pauline strengthened her abilities further, returning to education and graduated with a diploma and award as CIDESCO Student of the year. Pauline then spent time working in Edinburgh area spas before deciding the time was right to open the doors at Zuri.

For those that may be wondering, Zuri is Swahili word for Beautiful, Pretty or Gorgeous. Swahili being one of the 3 languages Pauline would happily have a chat to you in.

41 Dalry Road Edinburgh, EH11 2BU