shrinking violet

What is involved?

We will start with a personal consultation, to identify the ares of concern, your therapist will measure and record certain areas in inches.

Shrinking Violet solution is then massaged directly into your skin from mid-calf to upper arms. Wraptureis (A special type of heat inducing film, NOT cling film or shrink wrap) are then wrapped around your body to create a mesh and help maintain a comfortable warmth and push the product into the skin.

While the treatment is working you may feel, slightly squeezed and minor tingling sensations.

After wrap application you will relax on a heated beauty couch for 1 hour, as heat is the product activator for optimum slimming results. During this time, you will feel relaxed and warm.

During the treatment, you may wish to treat yourself of a facial, foot massage or head massage?

After the hour is complete, the wrapture is carefully removed and you therapist will then record another set of body measurements and reveal your total inch loss, the product will stay in your body systems and we expect the inch loss to keep going for up to 72 hours!

How many sessions will i need?

It depends, Most clients start with a course of 6 to 8 sessions. Once you acquire your desired result, maintenance treatments once or twice a year are recommended, just as an athlete continues to workout.

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

Body Wrap, What is it all about?

Every one wants to feel and look their best and we all need to take advantage of anything that can contribute to getting us in to that killer dress / Suit. Shrinking Violet Body Wrap by Tibby Olivier can be part of the solution.

How Long does it take to see results?

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a technique that is so powerful, that one 60 minute treatment can reduce waistlines by up to 2 Inches. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, but many people may reduce up to one whole dress size after their initial treatment. Results can be seen immediately following the treatment, but maximum effect will be seen after 24 Hours.

How does it work?

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a painless, effortless process, that can successfully remove fat in problem areas such as Thighs, Bums, Tums and upper arm. The fat in the cells are broken down and easily excreted by the bodys natural processes.

Whats in it and are there any side effects?

The main ingredient is an active phospholipid solution, which is pre-blended with essential oils (Grapeseed, Jojoba, Lavender, Juniper and Cypress) containing a cellulite blend.

You may experience sightly increased urination for 1 to 2 days post treatment.

Do the results last?

Shrinking Violet is a great way to jump start a new and slimmer you. Fat lost is permanent, however new Fat cells will form if you consume excesses calories. Combining treatment with exercise and healthy eating is best for optimum long lasting results.

How often can i have the treatment?

It is recommend to repeat every 7 days.


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