Eyelash Extentions

Eyelash Extensions Full Seam

Duration: 80 min

Price: £55

Why not try getting a full set of natural lashes, we use lash perfect one of the top brands, lashes are applied using one lash per your eyelash. They are natural lashes that do not damage your own. They can be fitted even if your natural eyelashes are short, we can chose a length that will suit you. You need to avoid oil contact on the lashes and avoid rubbing or touching them. To clean the face you should take extra care around the eye area. Directly after the treatment you need to keep the eye area dry for 8 hours until the glue has set. We recommend you to avoid using mascara while having eyelash extension as it is hard to remove from the lashes and can make the lashes fall. Please come to the salon free from eye make-up, as this will delay the treatment time and Allow 24 hours before showering/swimming/ saunas or water activities to allow the product to settle failure to do so may result in the lashes to become loose and fall out. [Pauline (lash Expert) - 1hr 20min] [Natasha - 2hrs]

Eyelash Extensions 2 Week Infill

Duration: 40 min

Price: £23

This is a 2 week top up of a full seam of existing eyelashes, We will replace any lashes that may have fallen out so you are back to having a full set again. You can also use this to get even more lashes put in if you would like a more full dramatic look. Unfortunately we can not infill eyelash extensions that were not supplied by salon.2 Week Russian Eyelash Infill - £28

Eyelash Extensions 3 Week Infill

Duration: 50 min

Price: £33

3 week top up on your existing eyelash extensions will keep your lashes looking fuller, this includes topping up on any lashes that may have fallen out upto 3 weeks only. Unfortunately we can not infill eyelash extensions that were not supplied by salon.3 Week Russian Eyelash Infill - £38

Eyelash Extension Removal

Duration: 20 min

Price: £10

Removal of the lashes is a quick painless process where the we apply the removal gel and allow it to dissolve the glue letting the extended lashes slide off.

Russian volume Eyelashes

Duration: 100 min

Price: £70