Lycon Wax

Lycon Waxing

Finally, an effective wax treatment that's virtually pain-free....

Lycon Waxing is an innovative, award-winning hot waxing hair removal system that has been carefully designed to ensure your waxing experience is as easy and painless as possible.

Pain-free waxing? Not possible!

Ah, but it is... Lycon Waxing uses a unique oil that forms a barrier between your skin and the wax. Lycon Wax has been produced using the industry's finest resins, along with aromatherapy oils and other natural ingredients, to create a thoroughly luxurious treatment. This is a far cry from the torturous waxing you may have experienced in the past!

The specially formulated low-temperature wax is hot enough to do an exceptional job, but not so hot it's uncomfortable or damaging. This ingenious wax is quite unique in that it shrink-wraps itself around your hairs without ever sticking to your skin. This makes the waxing process far less painful, and the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin, or a healthy reticence to pain and discomfort.

Regular waxing

Say goodbye to the dreaded 'week between waxes', with the ability to wax more regularly and effectively remove hair when it is far shorter. Without direct contact between your skin and the wax, Lycon Waxing effortlessly removes small, stubborn hairs, as short as 1mm, without tugging or snapping them.

Versatile waxing

Our team at Zuri specialises in intimate waxing for both men and women. Lycon Hot Wax allows us to provide a superior waxing experience and has been selected by our beauty professionals as it is the best waxing option available on the market.

Lycon Waxing is particularly well-suited to removing hairs that are coarse, strong, and deeply rooted. As such it's exceptionally good for waxing men. It's extremely effective on delicate areas, making it the ideal choice for intimate waxes. Lycon Waxing is also the perfect method for removing any unwanted facial hair, working very well on the short, stubborn hairs in the lip and chin area. Lycon Wax can easily be reapplied to one area without discomfort from the heat of the wax, or irritation to the skin, leaving you smoother and smoother every time.

Pain-free waxing

Lycon's original formula has proven truly innovative, as it allows us to perform virtually pain-free waxing. Our professional therapists have been carefully trained to carry out the most precise waxes possible, ensuring an almost completely pain-free process.

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Lycon Waxing

Waxing with Hot Wax at Zuri, easier and virtually pain-free.


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