Next Gen Facials

Facials from the Future, Just what we have all been waiting for.

At Zuri we are Genuinely excited in to be offering a range of Facials and Body treatments centred around Dermaco’s fabulous VX Pro.

  1. Aims for Improvement of skin tone, colour and texture.
  2. Increases Skin elasticity.
  3. Removal of sun damaged, discoloured or Oily skin.
  4. Helps in reduction of enlarged pores.
  5. Leaves Skin looking Fresher and Younger.
  6. Removal of surface skin wrinkles and lines.
LED Light Therapy
Micro Current
  1. Smoothing of Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
  2. Improve facial contour by improving muscle tone.
  3. Helps with skin texture and tone.

The Treatment Achieves this by, Increasing Cellular Metabolism and Regeneration, Increasing Blood and Lymphatic Circulation. All this is Achieved with the added Effect or relaxation. The Micro-Current used is in the order of Micro Amps and is deliver in pulses for nano second durations. Gell is applied to help plump up the Skin and to aid the transfer from the probes. Most People will see a visible change after just one facial treatment, this may be only temporary and best results are achieved by committing to a course of treatments followed by monthly maintenance.

Thermotherapy & Cryotherapy

Thermotherapy involves the gentle heating of the skin this helps increasing blood circulation. This has a relaxing effect and also helps prepare the skin for other therapies. Additional heat can be applied to areas of joint pain to help reduce discomfort. Cryotherapy as a final facial treatment step helps to relax you and ensure that your metabolism is slowed back down allowing active ingredients to take affect, it also close your pores that have been opened and cleansed buy other treatments.


Treatment Steps and Elements used in our Facials at Zuri

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